Five New Defibrillators for Caldicot

Published: 23 June 2017


Caldicot Town Council are very pleased to announce that 5 new defibrillators have been purchased for the town.  The Zoll Defibrillators are simple and safe to use and located at:
• Caldicot Town Council Office, Sandy Lane
• The Co-op, Newport Road
• Premier Stores, Oakley Way
• Waitrose, Caldicot Town Centre, Newport Road
• The Castle Inn, Church Road

During 2016, Caldicot Town Council considered the important issue of defibrillators in Caldicot and recognised the benefits of having defibrillators located within the town.

The Town Council approached a number of charities which provide and support use of defibrillators and subsequently approached the Big Lottery Fund to assist in funding purchase of defibrillators. 

The Council have been working with Cariad, a registered charity (1151618) which provides Defibrillators & Training to communities across Wales.  Cariad believe that it is important to provide a service to communities and work closely with local councils and members of the community to ensure the full benefits of having a defibrillator are fully understood.

Caldicot Town Council understands that provision of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), for the use of the people of Caldicot, will greatly improve the chance of survival for a person suffering sudden cardiac arrest.  There are a number of AEDs available for use across Monmouthshire and within the local area, however, the Town Council want to ensure that the AEDs are available for use by the general public.

By providing 5 AED's placed at strategic locations throughout the town, an AED could be accessed in a matter of minutes by anyone in the town. It is recognised that the defibrillator can make a significant difference to a person’s medical condition and the population of the town would be in close proximity to an AED, should one ever be needed.

The Town Council has obtained support from local health partners, GP surgery, ambulance service and paramedics.


Defibrillator Locations in Caldicot. For more information, please visit the NHS Direct Wales Website