Best Kept Garden/Business/Citizens Awards 14.9.2021

Award winners
Cllr RJ Higginson, Mayor, and Cllr M Mitchell, Deputy Mayor, with winners of the Best Kept Garden/Business/Citizens Awards

TogetherWORKS Grand Opening 08.09.2021

The Mayor and Project ManagerCllr RJ Higginson, Mayor, with Stacey White, TogetherWORKS project manager

Cllr RJ Higginson, Mayor, with Cabinet member Cllr Lisa Dymock, Stacey White and Vicky (who created the name TogetherWORKS)

Caldicot Male Voice Choir Long-Standing Chorister Awards

Cllr R J Higginson, Mayor, with Jessica Morden, MP and John Griffiths, MS, at the Caldicot Male Voice Choir Awards.

Caldicot Male Voice Choir  

Cllr R J Higginson, Mayor, at the Choir Hall Awards for long-standing members with Jessica Morden, MP and John Griffiths, MS

Choir Hall Awards for longstanding choristers