Caldicot Town Council donation to Caldicot Castle Fireworks

Published: 03 November 2017


Caldicot Town Council, at the meeting on Wednesday 25th October, donated an amount of £3,000 to Monmouthshire County Council, to support the Fireworks event 2017.  


Caldicot Town Council resolved to donate the money as it had been included in 2016/17 Estimates (meeting held December 2016).


The vote to donate the money was by majority, however, was not unanimous. 


The Council debated the issue in detail.  Town Council were disappointed that there was not a reduction for local residents, and concerns were raised regarding the price increase.  Issues of affordability were highlighted and Town Council emphasised the importance of events for the community.


Caldicot Town Council has requested a meeting with Monmouthshire County Council Senior Officers, in order to clarify the costs and profit of future events.