Mayors Board

Mayor for Civic Year 2018/19

Mayor for Civic Year 2018/2019 Councillor Oliver Edwards and his Consort, Nicola Edwards (centre) along with Deputy Mayor for Civic Year 2018/2019

      Councillor Jeffery Williams and his Consort Mrs Williams (left) and the retiring Mayor Councillor Philip Stevens with his Consort Councillor Maria Stevens  

Mayor's Civic, 1st July 2018






Mayor's Events

Mayor, Cllr Oliver Edwards, presented a bouquet of flowers to Mr & Mrs Thomas in celebration of their 60th Wedding Anniversary. 


  Cllr Oliver Edwards, Mayor, at Caldicot Carnival.


Mayor, Councillor Oliver Edwards, presenting staff with the One Voice Wales Award for Best Annual Report 2019 

   Mayor Cllr Oliver Edwards at the official opening of Helping Hands in Caldicot Town Centre 


 Caldicot Town Council support many organisations within the town, through grant donations. Town Council recently supported Caldicot Community Working Together volunteers through purchase of a gazebo. Town Council Mayor, Cllr Edwards, presented the group with the gazebo.


Mayor, Councillor Oliver Edwards, with members of Caldicot Community Working Together 


One Voice Wales Best Annual Report 2019 Award 

Remembrance Day








Flying the Red Ensign