Town Council Representatives on Outside Bodies 2017/2018

Monmouthshire County CAB                                          (2)   Cllrs A Easson, O Edward
[For Term of Council]


One Voice Wales Area Committee                                   (2)   Cllrs P Stevens, O Edwards
[Precedent Mayor/Deputy]


One Voice Wales Larger Local Councils Cttee                (1)   Cllr P Stevens + (O Edwards - Deputy non voting)
[Precedent Mayor]


Emergency Contacts Mon CC on Permanent Basis         (4)   Cllrs P Stevens, D Evans, W Conniff
[Incumbent Mayor/Clerk]                                                        Gail McIntyre, Clerk


User Sub-Committee King George V Playing Fields      (4)   Cllrs D Evans, M Mitchell, A Lloyd, J Williams, R J Higginson
*To Include Health & Safety Member



School Governors [For Term of Council]
Dewstow Primary School                                                (1)   Cllr F Rowberry
Durand Road Primary School                                          (1)   Cllr M Stevens
Castle Park Primary School                                             (1)   Cllr O Edwards


Schools Admission Forum                                               (1)   Cllr W Conniff + (P Stevens - Deputy)


Herbert Charity Trust [For Term of Council]                  (2)   Cllrs R J Higginson, W Conniff


CAIR                                                                                (1)   Cllr J Williams + (A Lloyd - Deputy)


Community Safety Action Team [CSAT]                        (1)   Cllr A Easson + (D Evans - Deputy)


Mon CC CCTV Working Group                                      (2)   Cllrs A Easson, D Evans


Tidal Strategy Environment                                             (1)   Cllr A Easson + (P Stevens - Deputy)


Severnside Area Committee                                            (1)   Cllr P Stevens + (F Rowberry - Deputy)


Caldicot Castle & Country Park Advisory Group           (2)   Cllrs A Easson, R Garrick


Mon CC Caldicot Castle Steering Group Cttee               (1)   Cllr F Rowberry


Mon CC Cluster Meeting                                                 (2)   Cllrs D Evans, P Stevens


Caldicot Foodbank Steering Committee                          (1)   Cllr M Mitchell


Mon CC Give Dog Fouling The Red Card                      (1)   Cllr M Stevens
Working Group 


Mon/Torfaen Youth Offending Team                               (1)   Cllr M Stevens
- Restorative Justice 


Caldicot Youth Group                                                      (1)   Cllr A Lloyd


Caldicot Town Team                                                        (1) Cllr F Rowberry



Internal Committees 2017/2018

Health & Safety Committee/ Allotments Committee                  (6)   Cllrs D Evans, P Stevens, F Rowberry, R J Higginson, M Mitchell, J Williams


Twinning Committee                                                                   (5)   Cllrs M Stevens, D Evans, O Edwards, R J Higginson, P Stevens


Personnel/ Appointments Committee                                          (7)   Cllrs P Stevens, O Edwards, D Evans, A Easson, F Rowberry, R J Higginson, W Conniff
[Includes Mayor/ Deputy] 


Planning, Cemetery, Finance, Estimates                                       FULL


Garden, Best Kept Town                                                               FULL


Cheque Signatories [Not a Committee]                                        (4)   Cllrs P Stevens, D Evans, J Williams, M Mitchell
Excluding Clerk - Also to be signatory 


Extremely Urgent Committee [Plenary]                                       (3)   Mayor/ Deputy + 2 Cllrs


Planning Applications of Urgent Nature                                       (3)   Mayor/ Deputy + 2 Cllrs
[Including a holiday period] 


Grants Committee                                                                         (7)   Cllrs P Stevens, O Edwards, D Evans, A Easson, R Garrick, M Mitchell, W Conniff 


King George V Playing Fields Trustee                                         FULL TOWN COUNCIL


Compound Working Group                                                           (5)   Cllrs P Stevens, M Stevens, D Evans, M Mitchell, J Williams