Mayor & Deputy Mayor 2017/2018

 Mayor - Cllr Philip Stevens

Mayor - Cllr P Stevens

 A Message From The Mayor


It is a great honour to be elected Mayor of Caldicot Town Council 2017/18 and would like to thank my fellow councillors for their support in electing me to this prestigious position. I promise to be a good ambassador promoting Caldicot to the best of my ability. Caldicot is the youngest of the five Monmouthshire towns but we are the second largest in population and growing. I was born in Caldicot 65 years ago when Caldicot was a small village with a population of less than 1500 people. Caldicot was a wonderful place to grow up every one knew everyone and we had lots of fields and orchards to play in. Some of you might remember Dally’s sweet shop and Ray’s Triangle cinema known as the ‘sit and scratch’. I and my siblings attended the local church and we were all in the church choir. I attended the ‘village college’ as it was known and then finished my education in Newport at a pre-apprenticeship school on Corporation Road.

I had a varied career serving first a four year apprenticeship as a toolmaker. A few years improving my skills then I joined the Merchant Navy. I quickly rose to the rank of First Engineer with a company called ‘Canadian Pacific’. In 1983 after the Falklands conflict I left the Navy and retrained as a teacher. I became ‘Head of the Technology faculty’ at Chepstow School retiring in 2011. I loved working with children and it gives me a great feeling when I meet ex- students and they tell me how they have got on in life.

I am a married man with a large family a son, three daughters and eight grandchildren. All live in or around Caldicot and appreciate how lucky they are to grow up in such a special place.

I am now semi retired working during May and June for an examination board. I visit schools all over the country to moderate students design Projects to ensure standards are maintained.

I believe it is important that we all give something back to our community and I do this by being a volunteer driver for ‘Grass Routes’. Many people know me and I am often asked when driving the bus to stop and run into the surgery to post their repeat prescriptions. I have also given help to the friends of Caldicot Castle working waist deep cleaning out the pond within the Castle grounds. It is important we protect the great Town in which we live and I would like to pay tribute to the many volunteers who give their time freely for the benefit of others who are less fortunate than themselves.

I look forward to an interesting and rewarding year promoting Caldicot and with the help from my fellow councillors improving facilities within the Town.

My chosen charity for the year is Barnardos and I ask your support in raising funds for this well established charity.

Cllr Philip Stevens

Deputy Mayor - Cllr O Edwards 

   Deputy Mayor - Cllr O Edwards